Where Native people once gathered materials on the banks of the Duwamish River to create clothing, vessels, and tools, Recology’s Material Transfer Facility now collects and processes the items King County residents put in their recycling bins. Day after day, trucks dump enormous piles of items we no longer find useful or want – the shadow objects of our modern life.

During my five-month residency among the towering mountains of waste, I re-engage the site in a way that approximated how the site may have been used before settlers arrived. I foraged (for plastic bags in choice colors and textures), then processed and weaved the material into new textiles – physically, energetically, and conceptually transforming the cast-off goods that once lived with us into new domestic objects.

Luxury Waste, Plastic Shopping bags collected from Recology King County recycling facility, 28″x38″, 2019 Image courtesy of Andrew Giammarco