Sea-Ice Lifeboat

As a monument underscoring the disastrous effects of global warming, a poetic and far-fetched but calculated and potentially far-reaching attempt to rescue polar bears, and a complex expression about personal and corporate involvement in climate crisis, Project Sea-Ice Life Boat purposes the creation of large-scale lifeboats, made from recycled oil drums, bearing both the recognizable terrain features of glacial terrain and the shape of SUVs. These lifeboats could float off the coast of Alaska on the Chukchi Sea, where sea-ice is melting most rapidly, endangering polar bears and other arctic marine life. If environmental conditions improve, this artificial sea ice will accumulate real ice and snow, acting as a seed for a permanent polar bear habitat not affected by the whims of climate change. If conditions don’t improve, the faux sea-ice would truly be a life raft, an arctic sponsor ship for climate catastrophe.