Sonitus Mirible Inventi (Sounds Magically Discovered)

In Sonitus Mirable Inventi (Sounds Magically Discovered), I amplify sounds issued by objects usually considered mute. Auditrx Villosa (Hairy Hearer) consists of a five-inch mass of bleach blonde hair that wound itself into the form of an ear after being placed in an envelope and worn in the back pocket of my jeans for a summer. Pulvis Sonitus (Sound Dust) is made of three small, though highly individualized, lumps of dryer lint. Opusculum Inventi (Small Works Discovered) places two two-inch tall brown found objects, made of resin and conical-shaped, nestled next to each other. In each of the pieces the objects are connected to a one-inch speaker via black speaker cable and are housed in a 15-inch plexi glass vitrine into which are there are two listening ports, circular pattern of small holes drilled into either side of the case. Held captive in this housing the viewer has the opportunity to listen with more attention to the ignored sounds uttered by minutiae. Bathing us in their transmissions, these seemingly silent, ubiquitous, inanimate objects attempt communication with us all the time. They merely require the right interceptor, transmitter and interpreter. They speak to us and perhaps more interesting they speak among themselves. When the leaf chases the paper cup down the street, that’s no accident. Did you hear what the leaf said to the cup? These objects build their own “interpersonal” relationships. With patience and willingness one can tune his or her ear to the frequency at which these objects emit their sounds. Listening to these objects reveals clues about true yearnings and desired relationships.