In The Form of A Humming Bird b/w Super Baby Tapir-

Hand-made “picture disc” record in hand-made silver-leafed cover
Limited edition of 40
Comes with digital files of both songs
$75.00 each

Susan Robb – vocals/ percussion
Andy Ayers – guitar/ bass
Don Ayers – drums
Lauren Wells – violin
Rob Hanlon – alto sax

In The Form of A Humming Bird was “pressed” one–at-a-time, in real time, by scratching the sound vibrations into (recycled) plexiglass with a needle. The records will play a little lower in volume then a “modern” record and may have slightly more surface noise. It might also require that you adjust the tone arm of your turntable in order to track correctly due to having slightly shallow grooves. The record will not degrade or harm your needle or cartridge and it actually sounds pretty cool.

In the Form of a Hummingbird was commissioned by the Frye Art Museum and funded by the Frye Foundation as part of the exhibition Genius/ 21 Century / Seattle