The Internet has no scent. Experience is perfumed.

‘My! You smell divine. What’s the scent you’re wearing?’
‘Why thank you. It’s called Soos Creek.’

To capture my experiences with the Regional Trails over the past six months, I have been collecting materials that scent the various trail (from dirt and berries to coffee and cocoa pods) and distilling essential oils from them. I then mixed these oils into trail-specific fragrances. The process was alchemical and magical (similar to the trails themselves). One whiff of moss scent transports me back to the Preston Snoqualmie trail where I gather it.

Join me in Seattle, WA in Fremont on the Burke Gilman trail Friday October, 1, 2010 from 12:00 – 2:00, breath in my “fragrance collages”, and cloak yourself in the scent of the trails.

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