The Long Walk, 2011

It’s Back!

For the second year in a row, a group of fifty trail trampers and myself will walk the Regional Trails System (RTS) over the course of four days – July 28th through 31st – from Puget Sound to Snoqualmie Falls. Along the route we will experience the landscape of King County in a unique way, spend our nights in unusual locations, celebrate with a formal dinner, and engage with interactive artworks commissioned from, among others, San Francisco-based Abe Burickson, New York-based Todd Shalom, the Seattle Experimental Animation Team,  Seattle-based Sarah Kavage, and Seattle’s improvisational field recording soundscapers, Phonographers Union

The Long Walk is open to anyone 21+ who can hike an average of 18 miles/day. Participation is limited to 50 walkers and registration will begin in early June.  Not up for the trek? You can still join us at designated locations and follow our progress via the usual social media outlets.

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