Want to get wild with me?

I recently returned from a week-long Creative Capital retreat at Williams College in Massachusetts. It was a combination think-tank, pow-wow, and networking event that underscored contemporary art’s ability to make this little world of ours a more just, free, healthy (and of course interesting) place to thrive.

A group of 2013 Creative Capital grantees at the Artist Retreat in Williamstown, Mass. (photo: Carolyn Lambert for Creative Capital)

During the week I gave a presentation to the 350 retreat attendees about my up-coming project Wild Times. Having a chance to share the project has me more than excited to begin my 2,650 mile hike from Mexico to Canada during which I’ll explore what “wildness” means in contemporary america.

And here’s my “ask” to you: Do you want to get “wild?” I’m still looking for a few more “base camps”  – people or places ( private homes, art centers, juvenile jails, writers groups …) in all parts of the US who would like to contribute to this conversation about wildness. Is is a place? A state of mind? Something to cultivate? Something to fear? Over the course of my hike base camps will receive my trail transmission and respond to them on the Wild Times project blog. This interaction could be part of a school curriculum, a means of arm chair travel, or a conversation that is part of your blog. If this sounds like something you might be interested in participating in, contact me – susan@susanrobb.com

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