From April to September 2010, I will be  creating a series of artworks on and  about the King County Region Trail  System (RTS). The RTS is one of the nation’s most extensive multi-use off-road networks. With over 175-miles of trails for bicycling, hiking, walking, and horseback riding.

So far my work has included designing a poster for the kiosks at the trailheads, creating a walking game with Stokely Towles called Caibou and then playing Caribou with 75 people on the Soos Creek Trail, holding a recycled materials kite-making workshop on June 20th, and leading an up coming 3-day walk from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls.

If your interested in participating in the workshop and/or joining us on the Long Walk, and for more information about the Trails Project, please visit www.trailsproject.com.

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